Monday, 5 September 2016

LINDO MEXICO - 2363 Taunton Rd. Hampton, ON

We just got back from camping at Cedar Park.  The last weekend of summer is just about over and I’m not sad in the least little bit.  IN FACT,  I think I’m going to throw a party on Tuesday morning at 9am with hard booze, cigarettes and a reality TV binge watching marathon that even the laziest of male teenagers would be proud of.  It aint easy being a housewife with only one child during the summer.  My handsome (and intellectually gifted) five-year-old has been to every single amusement park and tourist attraction within five-hundred kilometres.  We’ve taken swimming lessons, visited cottages and trailers, swam, played boardgames and caught hundreds of Pokemon. I’m exhausted.  But poor me, right?  I’m sure all the women and kids in Syria are really feeling sorry for me right now.

Anyway, my husband and I have a little pop-up tent-trailer that we take out about two or three times per year.  We used to take it out a whole lot more before our ray of sunshine was born, but I guess that’s the way it goes.  We don’t go day-drinking at the local watering-hole anymore either.   Normally, when we camp, I’ll whip up some orzo or rice & bean salads, some spiced shrimp or steak filets for the BBQ, and usually some kind of interesting and unnecessarily-complicated–to-make beverage that I saw in a housewife magazine – but this time I brought next to nothing.  Seriously.  I brought some wieners and some apples so my son wouldn’t get scurvy.    And a bottle of cheap, pre-mixed margaritas for myself.  They have a pretty awesome but  extremely unhealthy snack bar at Cedar Park.  For the first two days, we noshed on greasy burgers, fries, onion rings and fountain pop.  By yesterday afternoon, all the apples were gone and we could feel the grease coming out of our pours.

My husband suggested that we hop in the car and drive just down the street to the Lindo Mexico on Taunton Road.  My son had turned into a small tyrant at that point and refused to get in the car, but I used my authority to instill fear into his heart  (I bribed him with the promise of a new Pokemon toy and a Coca-Cola) and he got in the car.

Lindo Mexico is located at Taunton Road and Old Scugog in Hampton.  I had been there a few years earlier with some friends when our kids were very small, but  all I remember is chasing my toddler around the restaurant while everyone else was eating.  

It was still early (5:30pm) and we were the only people in the restaurant.  It’s a cozy, older building with two separate dining areas.  The whole restaurant is covered in Mexican décor.  It reminded me of the time my parents actually let me go to Cancun for Spring Break during my last year of highschool.  What were they thinking??  My parents were pretty strict with a lot of things, and this decision to let me go with just two other girlfriends was insane.  There were people swinging from the chandeliers when we were checking into our hotel.  I’m serious – they were literally SWINGING FROM THE GIANT CHANDELIER in the lobby.  The terracotta suns and iron geckos hanging on the walls in the Lindo Mexico seemed straight out of the giftshop in that same lobby.  It’s kitschy, but I’m a sucker for some good kitsch.  Always.

We sat down in the Dining Room closest to the door and my husband promptly ordered a Margarita.  I, on the other hand, was a bit hung over from the disgusting aforementioned pre-mixed marg from the night before, so I ordered a ginger-ale.  My gorgeous son ordered an apple juice (he forgot about the Coke I promised him earlier).  The server was exceptionally nice.  My ornery (yet handsome) son was scowling and she managed to cheer him up with a few smiles.  The menu had three different kids’ plates – a burrito, a mini-quesadilla and chicken fingers.  All plates come with rice and French fries.  My genius boy chose the quesadilla and rice, while my husband mimed to the server to forget the fries.  She smiled and nodded. 

Because of the lack of vegetables that we had been eating on our camping trip, my husband opted for the vegetarian burrito, which I think is crazy.  Why would anyone order a burrito without meat?  It’s weird.  But ok.  I didn’t comment on it because I was busy trying to stop my son from drinking the pepper from a shaker shaped like a tiny Corona bottle.  I ordered a plate from the combo portion of the menu.  The “Tabasco” combo came with one beef burrito with spicy red sauce and one chicken enchilada with green tomatillo sauce.  As per the usual at Mexican restaurants, all combos come with rice, salad and refried beans.

While the server took our orders back to the kitchen, I tried my husband’s margarita on the rocks.  It was excellent.  On a scale of one to ten (one being the pre-mixed shit that I drank last night, ten being the GIGANTIC margarita I had in Niagara Falls this past Cinco De Mayo), it was definitely a nine.  On a side-note, my good friend Tanya just introduced me to the McMargarita.  If you order a large frozen lemonade from McDonalds and introduce it to one and half shots of high end tequila, you can ALMOST picture yourself on a beach in Cabo, canoodling with Sammy Hagar.  Or Governor Jesse Ventura.

Our meals came extremely quickly, and I’m guessing it’s because we were the only people there.  The plates were all piping hot and looked exactly how a meal at a Mexican restaurant should look – hot, fresh and gooey.  My combo was really good.  The ground beef in the burrito was spiced and cooked perfectly.  The red sauce wasn’t very spicy at all (I could have used a bit more heat), but the combo of the sauce, ground beef and melty cheese was very tasty indeed.  The chicken enchilada was delectable as well, and it tasted as though the green tomatillo sauce was made fresh.  The salad was crispy, the re-fried beans were nicely done and the mexican rice was plump and delicious.  I must say I thouroughly enjoyed my meal.

My husband’s meal wasn’t as good.  I didn’t taste his vegetarian burrito, but he said that the vegetables did not taste fresh.  He said they were soggy and seemed like they were boiled a couple of days before.  I wanted to say that it served him right for trying to be all healthy and holier than thou, but I kept my mouth shut and laughed inwardly.  He did say that the beans and rice were pretty good, though.

My son’s quesadilla was definitely made fresh – white pieces of chicken and cheese sandwiched between two flour tortillas and baked.  His meal came with the same mexican rice that ours did and he devoured it more quickly than usual. 

As I was paying our bill, I noticed a list of daily specials that was scotch-taped near the cash register.  They all looked really good and I found myself wishing I had seen them earlier.  I’ll definitely be back to try one of them soon.

As a whole, Lindo Mexico offered us some pretty good Mexican food.  It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it certainly wasn’t the worst.  And it sure as hell beat eating onion rings for the third straight day at Cedar Park.

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